Noro Books : Knitting Noro

Garden Chunky Page 15

V-neck tank Page 24

Ribbed Vest Page 28

Turtleneck tank Page 32

Bobble Cardigan Page 41

Cropped Coat Page 81

Cowl Cover Up Page 86

Long Coat Page 91

Basic Fitted Cardigan Page 97

Thick ribbed cardigan Page 114

Pattern Page 119

Pattern Page 120

Garden Chunky
Page 15 

The meterage and yardage for this yarn is incorrect it should be; 60m (66yds)


V-neck tank
Page 24

Under BACK it says: Complete as for Basic Tank Back (page 23). Do this, but instead of leaving stitches on a holder, cast them off instead. 


Ribbed Vest
Page 28

Under Shape Armhole and left neck on the Front it refers you to page 23, it says: Complete as for Basic Tank from Shape Armhole and Left Neck (page 23), It should read: Complete as for V-Neck Tank from Shape Armhole and Left Neck (page 25)


Turtleneck tank
Page 32

Under FRONT it says: SHAPE ARMHOLES Complete as for Basic Tank Back from Shape Armholes (page 23), This shouldn't be here and you go from FRONT and those instructions to SHAPE LEFT NECK.


Bobble Cardigan
Page 41

 The amount of stitches to cast on for the RIGHT FRONT are incorrect. They should be the same as for the LEFT FRONT, so it should read: With 7mm (US 10.5) needles, cast on 33(37:41:41:45) stitches.


Cropped Coat
Page 81

The 1st rib row and 2nd rib row for the RIGHT FRONT are incorrect, they should read: 1st rib row: k6, [p2, k2]to end. 2nd rib row: [p2, k2]to last 6sts, p6.


Cowl Cover Up
Page 86

The paragraph at the top of the page mentions that The unusual colouring effects are produced by knitting with two strands of yarn held together.. This is incorrect for this pattern, one strand is used throughout. For the Cowl Cover Up some knitters have asked for clarification on two points: For the BACK it asks to Complete as for Hooded Jacket Back. Do this but do not leave centre 24(26, 28, 30, 30) stitches on a holder, cast these stitches off instead. For the LEFT FRONT it gives you the Increase row and this sets the position of the increase. The increase is on every 3rd row so sometimes this means increasing on a wrong side. For this the increase is: k2, m1, knit to end. This principle applies on the RIGHT FRONT too.


Long Coat

Page 91

The amounts are incorrect they should read 4(5, 5, 6, 6) for both amounts.

Page 93

The 2nd pattern row for the RIGHT FRONT is incorrect, it should read: 2nd pattern row: [p2, k2]to last 6sts, p2, k4.


Basic Fitted Cardigan
Page 97

The instructions for the LEFT FRONT after the Shape Armhole are incorrect. The 4th line after Shape Armhole should read: Decrease 1 stitch at armhole edge of next row. Then decrease 1 stitch at armhole edge of every 4th row 3 times. This is the same for the RIGHT FRONT as well, the 'each end' should read 'armhole edge'


Thick ribbed cardigan
Page 114

The diagram length on the left is incorrect. It reads 34.5cm (13½in) but should read 40cm (15¾in) Unfortunately two of the Wrap patterns have been placed with the wrong pictures. The picture on page 118 is the basic wrap, the pattern for this is on page 120. The pictures on page 120 and page 121 are for the shawl, the pattern for this is on page 119.


Page 119

Under YARN it says Silk Garden. This is incorrect it should read; Silk Garden Lite, 45% silk/45%mohair/10% lambswool, 50g, each approximately 125m (137yds) shade 2011.


Page 120

The instructions for the 3rd pattern row should read; last 2 stitches, work as given in book, yo, s1, k1, psso.