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Vivin  Page 32

There is an error for the second size (small) only in the shape neck instruction. LEFT FRONT, follow pattern as written until the after the shape armhole and neck and when it gets to Next row; Next row: patt 17(16:19:19:21)sts, slip these sts onto a holder, turn, patt to end. 27(32:36:40:45)sts This then effects the collar, as the stitches to pick up from the holders at right front and left front should be 16sts, with the total amount picked up then at 153sts. So it should read; collar Join shoulder seams. With right written in book..etc.,........., knit 17(16:19:19:21)sts from holder at right front, written in book....etc.,..............., knit 17(16:19:19:21)sts from holder at left front. 155(153:162:174:178)sts